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Jailed - for the British Red Cross

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Jailed for the British Red Cross Jailed for the British Red Cross


Not content with abseiling off Guildford Cathedral tower, I have now agreed - in a mad moment - to be JAILED!!
Of course this means I will need to be BAILED!

On 26th November, I will be arrested & jailed in Guildford Guildhall, on a charge that “Lavinia Sealy is too frequently late for meetings” and only let out when bailed.

This is, of course, a trivial and trumped-up charge, but nevertheless I shall need your help to be bailed pending trial so that I can continue with my daily round.

All money raised goes to the British Red Cross Appeal for Hurricane Sandy victims and communities and in particular the relief work being carried out around New York. I have agreed to raise £500 in order to be released.

This is all rather terrifying, particularly as some of my colleagues do not seem that keen to get me out! I would be extremely grateful for your support - a few pounds would be wonderful. If you are able, please donate online at or send donations to me by cheque made out to British Red Cross.

The Red Cross states – “However well prepared for life, a single event can change everything.
A house fire can leave a family homeless and with nothing. An earthquake can bring a whole country to its knees.
A storm can flood whole coastlines and sweep houses and whole communities away in a space of a few hours, leaving devastation and months and years of clearing up.

The British Red Cross believes in respect for other human beings and in meeting suffering with care, understanding and without discrimination.  They care for people in their own homes and in local communities, at home and abroad.”

In crises, people need the Red Cross to be there when there is no one else to turn to.
This year millions of people will depend on them - helping me raise bail for this event means that they can be there when it counts.

Lavinia Sealy

Lavinia Sealy was the Chairman of the Surrey County Council up until 2013. She had been a member of Surrey County Council for 14 years and has represented Bisley, Chobham and West End since 1997.

Lavinia is a Chobham resident.
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